Scarify during the Spring and Autumn to remove dead organic matter for a denser sward. The process can be very invasive.


At Greener Gardens our petrol driven machine uses vertical blades to cut through dead organic matter and horizontal shoot growth. Where horizontal shoots are cut they re-sprout leading to a denser sward.

This is an intensive procedure,  we normally complete this treatment at selected times during the Spring and Autumn, when conditions are suitable for the lawn to recover.

The dead organic matter is raked from the lawn, and bagged ready for disposal.  Different lawns produce thatch at different rates depending on their condition, grass mix, aspect and soil make up. As a rule we recommend scarifying annually, however some lawns may need it twice a year in Spring and Autumn, we can let you know what your lawn requires.

Thatch should not be confused with a thick moss layer, although the two often intertwine. This is because the thatch layer traps water at the surface of the soil providing the right conditions for moss to prevail. Scarification helps break the thatch down and starts to remove it from the lawn surface, therefore eliminating the environment for moss growth.




A small thatch layer of less than 10mm is beneficial, as it insulates the soil from extremes in temperature. However, it starts to become a problem when over 10mm, when the soils natural, beneficial bacteria which help break down thatch, cannot keep up.

Below is short video clip explaining how we scarify:


We recommend over seeding with Green Velvet All Purpose Grass Seed by Barenbrug, to give that extra special finish, its available from our on line shop or van when we call.

Green Velvet Grass Seed

For more details on the benefits of Over Seeding


The following treatments are beneficial when completing scarification;

  • Over seeding
  • Soil Improver.

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