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Lawn Beneficials

Lawn Beneficials

Our beneficial's range target both above and below the soil. All are aimed at keeping your lawn in the best of health.


All lawns appreciate that additional TLC to keep them in tip top condition. Regular and timely cultural practices are an important part of ensuring the success of your lawn care plan. 

We have broken our beneficial treatments into lawn beneficials and soil nutrition:

1. Lawn Beneficial

These treatments target the lawn and grass plants and consist of Aeration, Scarification and Over Seeding.

Why complete Aeration and Scarification treatments?
It could be for a variety of reasons and is not exclusively for the management and removal of thatch, and the relieving of compaction; all allow air and water to get to the roots and improve the lawns health.

Examples of cultural treatments are Aeration and Scarification.

Benefits of aeration include:

  • Improve drainage and oxygen supply to the turf roots;
  • Aids control of moss;
  • Helps lawns recover from fungal attack.

Benefits of scarification include:

  • Removal of decaying material, encouraging thicker sward:
  • Opens channels for water, air and nutrients to the roots:
  • Additional control of problem weeds and weed grasses.

Benefits of over seeding include:

  • Produces an even and consistent looking lawn;
  • Improves the colour and texture;
  • Improves drought and fungal recovery.

We recommend Green Velvet by Barenbrug, its also available from our on line shop or van when we call.

Our Aeration, Scarification and Over Seeding pages have more details and a short video clip explaining what we do, or download our Free Guide to the benefits of cultural lawn care.

2. Soil Nutrition

Our Soil Nutrition treatments target the soil below the surface and consist of Soil Improver and Biology Booster.

Integrating soil beneficial treatments into your annual lawn program is simple, environmental beneficial and cost-effective with great results.

It’s almost impossible not to hear about the positive effects of pro biotics on human health and associations are being found between the types of microbes found in human and animal digestive systems, well the plants "stomach,” is the soil. Unlike their animal counterparts turf doesn't have mechanical digestion or organs with an acidic environment to break down their “food” and are therefore even more dependent on microbes to meet their nutritional demands.

Repeated applications during the year will improving the plants ability of taking up other nutrients, plus and helping plants recover from attacks such as Red Thread and Fusarium.

Benefits of Soil Improver include:

  • Improving soil conditions will assist drainage:
  • Encourages deeper rooting grass plants and promote even healthier grass:
  • Improving soil conditions will assist drainage:
  • Suitable and beneficial for all soil types.

Best time to apply: Spring and Autumn Winter, would also be beneficial applied as part of the aeration and scarification treatments.

See more information about Soil Improver

Benefits of Biology Booster include:

  • Improves soil biology in your lawn, micro-organisms are natural plant hormones:
  • Encourages root growth and strengthens plant tissue:
  • Naturally increases the plants ability to fight and withstand disease:
  • Suitable and beneficial for all soil types.

Best time to apply: At all times when the lawn is actively growing, repeated application during the year increases benefits. We recommend Spring and Autumn.

See more information about Biology Booster

Unlock the secrets in your soil.

Our Soil Nutrition programme is a result of Greener Gardens striving to bring the latest professional lawn practice to your lawn. It has been overseen by leading independent turf consultant who comments that "understanding the soil is the building block for advising the correct lawn treatment programme, not just to help with the symptoms but more importantly to address the cause of problems like thatch, compaction and choosing the right feeding programme."

Download our Free Guide to the benefits of cultural lawn care.


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