Well, after a mild start the year, Winter has returned!

If your lawn is covered in snow or frost, its best to keep off it as this may damage the grass blades, leaving patches until the spring when it starts to grow again. You may have seen in the past the footprints from people delivering items and cutting across the lawn.

When the cold snap has gone, collect any dead leaves that have fallen on the lawn. If they are left, they can weaken the grass leading to bare patches and the spread of pests and disease. Rake up or blow the leaves into heaps ready for composting.

If worm casts are an issue they are best left to dry and then dispersed using a stiff brush or besom broom to avoid your lawn becoming covered in muddy dead spots, which allow weeds to encroach. Try to spread the worm casts rather than smear them.

Don’t forget to get the mower serviced and ensure to check that the blades are sharp.

It’s January, the start of another gardening year.

Traditionally  a month for looking forward when we can dream about what could be possible in the future. Whilst we cant control the weather, we can look forward to lighter nights and growing flowers, fruit and vegetables. All improved when set against a great back drop of a great looking lawn.

If you havent already, collect any dead leaves that have fallen  onto the lawn. If they are left, they can encourage weaken the grass leading to bare patches and the spread of pests and disease. Rake up or blow the leaves into heaps ready for composting.

Don’t forget to get the mower in for service early, and ensure to check that the blades are sharp.

If you’re looking at completing any repairs using seed, it’s still too cold for the proprietary grass seed to germinate, so be patient and apply for the first time during March when lawn soil has warmed considerably and the grass seed has the opportunity to germinate.

Keep off the grass while it is frosty or your footprints will be marked in the grass for several weeks.

Moss, algae and moulds grow most vigorously in the cool, wet weather of winter when light levels are low and outdoor surfaces are moist. Their unsightly appearance is most obvious in early spring when you will first notice that surfaces are dark, dingy and often slippery. Hand scrubbing or brushing is time consuming and messy, and pressure washing is not recommended on tarmac.

Greener Gardens have the hassle free alternative to pressure washing for cleaning hard surfaces. We apply a spray that thoroughly wets the affected surface, and then just simply leave it to dry. It kills quickly, showing visible results in 3 to 4 days and goes on cleaning over the following weeks and months.

What do people say…?

“Although you said the Patio treatment would take a while to work, the patio was restored to near new condition by the day after! I've attached a couple of photos to show you taken the day after treatment - the green algae marks are where the table and chairs were standing - those marks disappeared after another couple of days.

So all in all fantastic - thank you!”

Now is a great time for this effective treatment so call us to arrange a free quotation on 0115 837 8439.

Welcome, the team at Greener Gardens are delighted offer you a range of lawn treatment services including regualar feeding weed and moss control to Scarification, Aeration and overseeding.  We can also help with Patio and Drive Cleaning, Weed Control and locally grown seasonal hanging baskets.

Talk to us and we will provide a Free consultation and solution, all from our bases in Bradmore and West Bridgford, Nottingham.

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