If like us your keen to get out in the garden, it looks set for another damp week end so not ideal for tending the lawn.

But all is not lost, the key to a great looking lawn is regular mowing, so why not beat the rush and get your mower serviced. We recommend the following people:

Cherry Lane Garden Centre, Bradmore
Grass and Power, Radcliffe on Trent
PS Marsden, Colwick

Full details on our web site: http://www.greenergardens.co.uk/index.php/en/about-us/useful-contacts

Over the last few weeks, horrendous rainfall, flooding and waterlogging have blighted thousands of homes and gardens across the UK. Although damage to the home has been the higher priority, garden plants will suffer severe problems if the effects of waterlogging are not dealt with.

The extent of the widespread damage has left the gardening community devastated by the effects. Garden and allotment owners can only sit and wait for the water to disappear to see the true extent of the damage.

Few garden plants, apart from willows and those that naturally grow in water, can survive prolonged periods of flooding or waterlogging. The water replaces the air in the soil and, as roots need air to breath, they literally drown, start to rot and then die. As plants need water absorbed by the roots to live, the leaves of affected plants soon show the first signs of the problem, turning yellow, drooping and dropping prematurely. Badly affected plants may then die.

However there is help and support out there for the gardening community. Miracle-Gro has come up with a garden rescue guide.

Miracle-Gro Rescue Guide

There are several things that garden owners can do to help rescue their gardens – both in the short term and more permanently.

  •  Don’t walk on waterlogged soil until it has dried out and is workable, to avoid compacting it and making conditions worse. If you have to walk on it, use a plank of wood, board or invest in a portable path to spread your weight and avoid compacting the soil.

  • As soon as plants start to come into growth in spring, applying foliar feeds of Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Soluble Plant Food will encourage new root growth and help improve leaf and stem growth.

  • Feed flowering plants with Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food. We also supply a version for roses and shrubs and ericaceous plants. These will continuously release nutrients into the soil to help build up the strength of plants.

Feeding with Miracle-Gro® Bone Meal Natural Root Builder will help plants produce a new root system.

Thanks to Scotts Miracle Gro for this item, for further information, on full hints, tips and advice on dealing with garden flooding and waterlogging – including what to do in the long term, visit the Miracle-Gro website – www.lovethegarden.com/gardening-growing/flooding-waterlogging

Your grass will continue to grow, albeit at a slower rate so it may still need a cut to keep it looking good and the envy of the neighbourhood. High autumn rainfall saw an increase in worm activity. Worm casts play havoc, making lawns look messy and ultimately encourage weeds and weed grasses. A wire rake is good for removing casts, alternatively use a stiff broom.

An application of an Autumn dressing will have helped to increase the acidity of the soil which will  deter earthworms, but you can give extra help by collecting up fallen leaves as this will remove surface food which encourage worms to cast.

If finding a dry day to cut the lawn is a problem drag the reverse side of a brush over the lawn, wait 30 minutes or so and then the lawn should be dry enough to cut.

The shorter days and lower temperatures slows down grass growth, meaning that the lawn will need mowing less frequently. It is also a good idea to raise the height of cut as winter approaches.

It’s important to maintain your mower in good condition and keep the blades sharp.  It would be a good time to arrange a service, spring will soon be here.

While there is plenty of winter left before Spring, you can use this time to write down the good and the bad points of your 2013 garden. Make a note of the pleasing plants, good combinations of colours and successful fruit and vegetables you have seen in other peoples gardens and note of the successes in the garden and vegetable patch that are worth repeating and the failures that need avoiding.

During October we may have enjoyed the last of the summer’s warm sunshine. It’s also a busy time in the garden.  While the leaves on the trees are developing their autumn hues we see some well-planned gardens that can boast many flowers that are just as exciting. Flowers in bright reds and pinks, warm yellows and rich mauves are the most common autumn colours and these make a great display as the nights draw in.

After a summer of constant mowing and regular use, your lawns will benefit from the autumn rains and less foot traffic will help your lawn on the road to a full recovery. We recommend that you continue to mow the grass each week to keep it trim and to remove any fallen leaves, which left unattended can promote fungal disease.

Our autumn treatment is rich in phosphates to encourage a strong root system and contains plenty of potash to harden off leaf growth ready for winter, We also apply a moss Control. Altogether this will leave your lawn looking greener and stronger and it will get it off to a great start in early spring.

Autumn Lawn Care Tips

  • Clear the lawn of leaves and debris

  • As leaves start to fall from the trees use a light rake or brush to keep the lawn free of leaves and debris.

  • Worms - Remember worms improve the nutrient content of a soil and are beneficial to the soil structure. Worm casts are best left to dry and then swept or brushed away with a stiff brush.


As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to fall the rate at which the grass grows will slow, meaning that the lawn will need mowing less frequently. It is also a good idea to raise the height of cut as winter approaches. As always maintain your mower in good condition and keep the blades sharp.

See below for recommended lawn mower service providers, mention our name when making contact

Seasonal Tips

Repairing Edges

You may still have time to repair broken edges. Cut out a square of turf that includes the broken edge. Turn this round and place into position so that the bare area is on the inside and the new straight edge is on the outside. Fill the patch with new soil and repair using good quality grass seed.


We recommend Green Velvet grass seed, GREEN VELVET® lawn seed is produced by Barenbrug UK who have been breeding grass seed varieties for every possible application for over 100 years. This experience and specialist knowledge means that when you buy GREEN VELVET® grass seed mixtures you can be confident are buying the very best. When you sow your lawn seed you can have peace-of-mind that your garden lawn will look great all year-round.

 Application of new grass seed will enhance the lawn through:


  • Less desirable species become present
  • Introduce more uniformity
  • Improves resistance to drought, wear, disease, moss invasion etc
  • To help fill in gaps and thin areas

Moss around the garden

With moisture levels currently on the up and temperatures dropping, conditions are perfect for moss to start growing and spreading not only on lawns but also hard surfaces.

Moss can be unsightly as well as making areas slippery and unsafe. Moss is able to prosper in areas where it does not have strong competition, particularly in areas of shade, whether it be hard standing areas, lawns or under trees.

1. Lawns
Our winter lawn moss control will help with controlling the moss through to our Spring application
2. Hard surfaces an application of MMC Pro is simple and effective product to treat and prevent mould, algae and moss on hard surfaces. No pressure washing or scrubbing is required. Please call us for details.

MMC Pro is suitable for use on all exterior hard surfaces including drives, paths, tennis courts, artificial turf, concrete, tarmac & block paving.
Contact us for details

Lawn Mower Service

Bradmore Garden Centre - NG11 6
Tel: 0115 984 7990
Grass and Power
Tel: 0115 933 4947

PS Marsden - NG4 2
Tel: 0115 961 4734

Copy of customer email

I hope I have got the right people. If not, then apologies for hassling you.

Yesterday, I tripped and fell outside my house. I broke my wrist in two places and had to be taken to hospital. John, was working on a lawn two doors away. He instantly came to the rescue, made me comfortable, got me a drink and called an ambulance. He waited for as long as he could, but obviously he had other jobs and couldn't hang on for ever (the ambulance eventually came after two hours). John called a neighbour who was able to take over.

John was extremely helpful and efficient. If he was delayed for the next job, please don't be annoyed with him - he ought to be commended for his selfless action.

Please pass on my sincere gratitude on my behalf. I'd buy him a drink if I could!

I am now plastered up and recovering.

Best wishes,

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