We appreciate the secret of a great looking lawn is regular cutting, Introducing The Indego, Mows all by itself, so you can enjoy other projects.

Just leave it to the Indego from Bosch. It mows your lawn, finds its way all by itself and always delivers the perfect cut. How does it achieve this? It’s simple – with ‘Logicut’. The intelligent navigation system automatically measures your garden, calculates the shortest possible route and gets mowing in orderly parallel lines.

And if it finds a branch in its way the Indego automatically mows around it. It’s actually so autonomous that it can charge its lithium-ion battery pack itself from its charger. It also cares for your lawn as the short grass clippings act as a mulch. It can be used in most weather conditions, handles up to 35 % slopes, boasts all-round safety features and is protected from theft by a PIN and alarm system.

Let the Indego take care of the lawn so that you can take care of other projects.

For information on where to purchase the Indego please ring 0844 736 0106


After the wet winter, particularly where flooding and waterlogging has been a problem, soils will be starved of nutrients.

All plants need regular feeding while they’re growing if you want to get the best out of them. Correct feeding produces strong, healthy plants that perform brilliantly, and as they’ll start into growth this month, now’s the time to top up their nutrients.

At this time of year, it’s usually better to feed with a slow-release granular feed or, much better, a continuous release feed. These will feed plants for up to six months from just one application now. What could be easier?

Making your own garden compost is a great way of producing your own humus-rich material for use as a soil improver and mulching material.

Any plant material can be used, as long as it isn’t diseased.

You’ll need a compost bin to keep all the material together and provide the correct conditions for speedy rotting.

Make sure there’s a good mix of plant material, and that any stems or large leaves have been cut into smaller pieces, otherwise they’ll take ages to rot down. You can speed up the rotting process by adding Miracle-Gro Compost Maker.

Key Tips
Rembember to keep turning the compost getting the right mix of Green and Brown waste, compost accelerators will help produce heat which will make your  compost faster.

Have you seen this Hot Bin composter, you can even add food waste http://www.harrodhorticultural.com/hotbin-composter

You have decided you are not entirely happy with the appearance of your lawn. You might have moss, weeds, poor lawn colour or perhaps a combination of all three. The first step is to give Greener Gardens a call, we will arrange a time to visit you and survey your lawn, remember this will be entirely free of charge, the lawn analysis report is yours to keep and you will be under no obligation.

When we visit we will discuss your requirements, leaving you with a no obligation plan. You can then choose from a range of services, from a single treatment to complete seasonal lawn care package, it’s entirely up to you to decide.

Our aim is to provide a cost effective, hassle free way of creating a lawn that you can be proud of quickly and efficiently. Our fully trained operators remove the guess work and unnecessary expense, leaving you to enjoy your lawn - all year round.

Since 2004 Greener Gardens have been looking after Nottingham and Rushcliffe lawns, our dedicated team have over 45 years lawn and garden experience.  Remember, our survey is FREE and without obligation. Give us a call, we would love to come and look at your lawn - That’s our business.

Regular mowing is a vital part of achieving your great looking lawn. A quick whiz with a sharp and well-adjusted mower will only take you a few minutes if you do the job every week. Mowing as often as you are able will encourage the fine grasses and allow the grass enough energy to thicken up to be an area to be proud of and the envy of the neighborhood.

Lawn cutting can be simplified into the following rules:

  • Never more than 1/3rd off in any one cut
  • Mow frequently – weekly is best when the lawn is actively growing
  • Check your mower regularly for cutting height and blade sharpness

Regardless of your mowers cutting action being Cylinder, Rotary or Hover, the principles of lawn cutting to achieve a great looking lawn remain the same.

“The Greener Gardens team are looking forward to sharing their knowledge of grass seed following a recent visit to Barenbrug UK Ltd in Suffolk

Did you know it takes 17 years to bring a variety of grass to market! The process involves search, selection, isolation, private trials, first multiplication, official trials, registration and then the launch. This is what our team learnt during a recent technical training workshop.

Barenbrug have been breeding grass seed varieties for every possible application for over 100 years. We recently had an exclusive tour of the specialist production and distribution facility to see how seed is developed, quality controlled and dispatched.
John Draper commented “The experience, specialist knowledge and support from Barenbrug means that when we apply grass seed to your lawn, you can be confident we are applying the very best.”

We have a range of Green Velvet seed available from our vans or look out for our new online shop.

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