Scarification quick guide

As we head towards late summer and autumn it’s the ideal time to complete scarification and seeding, here is our quick guide:

What is Scarification?

The removal of dead organic matter for a denser sward using a manual rake or powered machine.

At Greener Gardens our petrol driven machine uses vertical blades to cut through dead organic matter and horizontal shoot growth. Where horizontal shoots are cut they re-sprout leading to a denser sward. The process can be very invasive.

When to Scarify?

Scarify during the Spring and Autumn when conditions are suitable for the lawn to recover.

Benefits of Scarification

  • Removes the organic matter helping the lawn breathe;
  • helps water and nutrient to penetrate down to the roots;
  • Reduces moss levels in a lawn;
  • Stops it becoming 'spongy';
  • Promotes grass plants to grow much more healthily.

Going the next step will help with recovery and a great looking lawn

Step 1 – Over Seed

An application of new grass seed will enhance the lawn through:
•    More desirable species becoming more prevalent
•    Introduce more uniformity.
•    Improves resistance to drought, wear, disease and moss invasion.
•    To help fill in gaps and thin areas.

Step 2 -Soil Improver improving soil conditions and structure.

Repeated applications of our soil improver will make the soil more friable allowing oxygen to get to the root zone improving the plants ability of taking up other nutrients, plus as the soil is more friable drainage is far more efficient.

Benefits of our Soil Improver;
•    Improves soil structure and tilth;
•    Creates friable soils and builds deeper top-soil;
•    Breaks up soils compacted by sodium and clay;
•    Allows soil to dry more quickly after rain;
•    Enhances friendly bacterial action;
•    Helps discourage plant diseases;
•    Continued application allows for deeper, healthier root development and water penetration.


Step closer to a great looking lawn ...

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