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Seasonal Notes

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Download our Free Summer Lawncare guide.

Our feed provides the nutrients for depth of colour, replacing lost nutrient caused by cutting, plus a specialist weed control application.


During the Summer it's important to:

  • Cut regularly at the correct seasonal cutting height (see tips in our free download);
  • Trim the edges to define the lawns;
  • Ensure the lawn has sufficient water, start a regular watering routine and or raise cut height


On this treatment we will apply a ....

Summer feed plus a specialist Weed control that will help control difficult weeds like Speedwell.


What the feed will do...

  • Maintains a deep green thick lawn;
  • Gently replaces lost nutrients from cutting;
  • Long lasting 8-10 week longevity that doesn't require watering in.

plus the Weed Control...

  • will help control difficult weeds such as Speedwell and Self Heal;
  • is safe for children and pets once dry;
  • is the latest technology and safe for the environment

Summer lawn cutting advice

Correct mowing will make the difference between a “so-so” lawn and a great one. These few simple steps make a big difference in your lawns appearance, encouraging a thicker sward and deeper colour.

  • A light topping of the grass is always better than a severe “hacking”;
  • Regular cutting requires less effort;
  • Keep trimming the edges for that smart professional look.
  • Look out for Ant activity -  we recommend treating the nests with Ant Stop Granule applied as a drench (available from the van or request a delivery with your treatment)

Summer watering advice

Replacing lost water from the lawn is essential to maintain colour and prevent the lawn going into drought stress, which is a perfectly normal process.

  • If you decide to water; do it well and consistently ( for more info on watering and drought )
  • Raise the cut height, this will reduce evaporation;
  • Don't panic, when suitable rain levels return the grass will recover quicker because of the care you have given it.


Recommended cutting heights

Your lawn appreciates adjusting the cutting height throughout the year, however, if you just want one setting for the entire season use the highest recommendation.

Lawn Cutting Heights

Importance of cutting heights

Cut height and root depth

Happy Gardening

The Greener Gardens Team


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