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Garden Diary

This Months Garden Diary

Spring is about to be sprung and we can expect good enough weather to encourage even the most reluctant gardener to sow seeds, care for roses and even give the lawn its first cut. Getting inspiration is easy, results sometimes harder,  it’s a fact of life that good results come from investing time and money using the best composts and plant foods you can afford. Whatever the weather throws at us, spring is on the horizon and it's time to get the garden, patio and lawn in trim ready for another year of productive growing.

Beds and Borders . . .
Whatever the weather, it’s time to prune back the stems of rose bushes to a third of their last year’s height. Use sharp secateurs to cut the stem just above a leaf joint and collect all old leaves that show signs of black spot disease. To complete the job and encourage really strong new growth that will carry lots of flowers it is really beneficial to feed each rose bush with a handful of rose fertiliser.

Shrubs such as rhododendron, azalea and camellia that are termed ‘ericaceous’ appreciate acid soils and when grown on neutral or limey soils need a plant food that contains sequestered iron.  Ericaceous plant foods contain all the iron to ensure the leaves of your plants will remain dark green and healthy, even if the soil in which they are growing is not ideal.

It’s worth remembering as the soil warms up in April and May that annual weeds will also be germinating and it’s tempting to run a hoe through the soil to clean things up quickly. Unfortunately, moving soil around like this when it is moist usually just moves the weeds from one spot to another, while bringing up new seeds to the area near the surface where they too can make matters worse.

Are slugs the enemy in your garden?, get proactive and apply natural nematodes as a soil drench to control over wintered slugs, these are available on line and delivered direct to your door.

The warmer weather has encouraged lawns into growth and by now most lawn owners will have given their grass its first gentle trim to tidy up the look of the lawn.
A key to a great looking lawn this summer is regular cutting, this will encourage the grass plants to thicken up and trim around the edges to provide a sharp edge between green grass and clean soil borders.

We are often asked for mowing advise.  We recommend not too short, but trim enough to look tidy. The aim should be to keep it to a length of 2.5 - 4cm long (1 to 1.5 in) high. This length may seem long to some lawn owners, but it is worth following as it will help deter weed growth as there is little light for germinating weed seeds and it encourages a thick sward that provides little room at soil level for the growth of moss.

If your lawn is looking pale or thin then a spring, feed with a feed weed and moss control will encourage stronger and more vigorous grass growth during the subsequent six weeks.
Has your lawn recovered from last summer drought, if not, chances are it won’t without completing some TLC, we would recommend a combination of physical, scarification or raking to remove thatch will reveal the soil base for over seeding with a quality grass seed, aerating the affected with a garden fork will allow air and nutrient to the roots enabling the soils natural balance of beneficial biology to get going and don’t forget to feed. 

If all this feeding and moss controls sounds daunting, don’t worry, call Greener Gardens 0115 837 8439 or visit our website www.greenergardens.co.uk for more details of how we can help.

Patio Tubs & Baskets…
In preparation for a beautiful garden display of flowers it’s time to buy seedling plants for your patio pots, hanging baskets and other containers. Your local nursery or gardening retailer should have on display a myriad of small trays of a dozen or more plantlets that are sold in individual V-shaped cells each with their own root system. These plug plants, nurtured by expert growers, are sold under various names.

Don’t forget it’s time for a clean-up on the patio before the displays of potted flowers, fruit and vegetables come to cover the paved area of your garden.

Grow your Own…
There are vegetable seeds that need to be sown now both outdoors and indoors if your family are to enjoy an early crop of vegetables. Improving soil structure with a Soil Conditioner will always pay dividends, encouraging better plant establishment, even if it is in small amounts along each seed drill.
Just as important is the sowing of tender vegetable seed indoors. Things such as tomatoes, aubergines, sweet peppers and onions can be sown now so they produce good sized seedlings ready to be planted out in May.

If you would like help with any lawn or hard surface projects, don’t hesitate to call Greener Gardens on 0115 837 8439. We would be delighted to provide a no obligation quotation.


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