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Garden Diary

This Months Garden Diary

Summer at last and the weather promises some of the warmest days of the year. Lawns and patios need to look at their best as enjoying al fresco lunches and suppers become a regular thing. Biggest job of the month is to see that all your plants are watered regularly and the soil retains as much moisture as possible.

Beds and Borders . . 
Creating a sensible watering regime now will help to prevent plant damage if the weather should turn hot and the rains refuse to fall. The secret of success is to get the water deep underground where plant roots can easily take up the moisture.

It’s no good wetting the soil surface on a daily basis. That just encourages plants to create surface roots that are more susceptible to hot sun and drying winds. It also encourages annual weeds to pop up to compete for available moisture. Instead you need to get water down to below 15cm (6 inches) from the surface. You can do this most easily if you sink a plant pot up to its rim beside shrubs and between bedding plants so that water from your watering can is placed instantly at root level and you have a reservoir that fills and drains easily and quickly.

Feeding of plants regularly will give your plants the strength to send down stronger, deeper roots to this reservoir of moisture. A weekly feed of half strength of a Water-Soluble Plant Food during drought is much better than plain water. Your plants will continue to produce new stems and more flower buds instead of closing down the growth factory while it concentrates on survival.

Weeds on gravel drives, paths or gravel edges need to be treated so they are killed and the ground made weed-free for several months. Select a Weedkiller that not only kills the weeds and their roots but also prevents the growth of new weed seedlings.

Patio Tubs & Baskets…
Watering and feeding container plants growing on the patio is a regular job. Hanging baskets may need watering daily, although large pots and containers usually hold enough compost so that they only need attention every few days.

Dead-heading flowers will always encourage maximum blooming as this prevents the setting of seed and a natural tendency of plants to stop all further growth once they have achieved their life’s ambition of producing seed for the next generation.

Lawns may be showing signs of stress as rainfall is short of the seasonal average. Without water an unfed lawn will struggle as roots are shallow and will suffer in drought conditions,  if you decide not to water,  raise your cutting height to protect the grass plants.

If you have applied supplementary water, lawn grasses should be growing fast and healthily. Mow the grass at least once a week to keep this core part of the garden looking smooth and lush.  At this time of year regular watering and regular mowing will gradually exhaust nutrient reserves so that grass can soon look tired and pale just when summer sun encourages us all outside to enjoy barbecues and lawn games. To return the lawn to a thick, lush sward that is bursting with colour and energy it needs to be fed.

Not only will summer feeding help to give a wonderful, deep-green lushness that is a pleasure to picnic on, but it will also stimulate grass roots to grow longer and deeper on the hunt for deep-down moisture.

If your lawn contains broadleaved weeds such as buttercups, daisies, plantains and dandelions you may prefer to use a 3-in-1 lawn treatment instead, These contain three  active ingredients to get control moss and broadleaved weeds and special greening up power that you will see revitalise your lawn in just 24 hours. For best results pick a calm, dry day when the soil is moist.

If all this sounds to daunting, why not give Greener Gardens a call for a Free lawn Assessment, we are local Independent Lawn Care company and one of the first companies to be awarded the BASIS Lawn Assured.

Watch out for ants nests in and around the lawn. At first signs apply Ant Stop! Granules as a drench over and around the nest.

Grow your Own…
Feed and water your vegetable and fruit crops to encourage fast growth that results in extra tender and tasty pickings. Runner beans and dwarf French beans grow best when watered with a solution of Fruit & Vegetable Liquid Plant Food.

Continue to sow seeds of lettuce and other salads leaves such as rocket, spinach, leaf beet and mustards. You can buy these in ready mixed packets as Oriental or Italian varieties that will provide colour and taste to your salads. Dont forget to protect the plants from slug and snail damage.

Garden Diary is written by John Draper of Greener Gardens, your local independent BASIS Lawn Assured lawncare specialist. For help with all aspects of your lawn call us 0115 837 8439


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