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Garden Diary

This Months Garden Diary

Autumn is soon to be with us and the season of mellow fruitfulness just around the corner.

While the nights continue to draw in we can expect to have some warm sunny days followed by some cold nights with the chance of early frosts in central areas. In the garden it’s time to pick top fruit, clear away dead summer flowers and tidy up lawns in preparation for winter and next spring.

Patio Tubs & Baskets…

Bedding and hanging baskets should be still going strong if you have fed and watered them regularly. Without supplementary feeding you may find that the plants have exhausted any background nutrients in the compost and with the resulting leaves pale yellow the plants are unable to produce more flowers. To encourage fresh vigour, a feed of soluble plant food over the leaves and around the roots will give the plants an almost instant boost that will encourage new buds to form and probably give you an extra four weeks of flower power.  Try it now and you could be surprised by the results.

Beds and Borders…

Late autumn colour from echinacea, dahlias, asters and Japanese anemones in white and pink should give height and interest to flower borders at this time of the year. Many bedding plants took pride of place in August and unless we are blessed with a late ‘Indian summer’ of warm, sunny days, will also be coming to the end of their useful life.

It’s always a dilemma to know when it is most appropriate to dig out these flowering wonders, but cold nights and the need to get planting spring bulbs and autumn bedding will urge you on as their blooming potential wanes.

It’s a good time to cut Leyland cypress and other evergreen conifer hedges. To reduce the height of boundary hedges you may need to take a saw to the tops instead of clipping back new growth. With all hedges try to create a tapering shape that is thinner at the top than the base. This slope will help snow to fall off the hedge that could otherwise pull down branches.

Weeds, especially perennial ones such as nettles, creeping thistle, couch grass and docks can easily be controlled while they have a good leaf colour and the sap is moving down to the roots. A thorough but careful spray of foliage with a systemic tough weedkiller will not only kill the stem, but the roots as well.


Most lawns will have suffered from the low rainfall, combined with normal wear and tear during the summer, now is the ideal time for some attention if they are to wake up next spring looking thick, healthy and attractive. 

Start with an application of  Autumn lawn food this will encourage a stronger root system and harden off growth, many proprietary brands also contains a mosskiller that will control the first infestations of this weed that spreads so easily in autumn wet weather.

Autumn lawn renovation such as scarification will pull out any dead material, called ‘thatch’ and lift up any grass runners so they can be trimmed by the mower. A spring-tine rake is the ideal tool for the job. If all this sounds daunting or hard work, which it is, why not call Greener Gardens who will work with to create a personalised lawn programme.

Don’t forget to raise the cutting height of the blades so the grass is left a little longer at each cut.

If you are planning to start a new lawn it’s the ideal time to kill off all existing growth so that the soil will not be riddled with pernicious weeds. Use the systemic weedkiller to kill any existing grasses and weeds making sure you apply on a still day so that wanted plants are not killed by any spray drift.

For help with your lawn, Greener Gardens are your local independent BASIS Lawn Assured standard lawncare specialist. The scheme helps ensure a consistent and high standard of practice in the professional lawn care sector.

Grow your Own…

Vegetables should be being harvested right through September and some of them stored away for winter use. Some people freeze their excess crop of runner (stick) beans and French beans.

Tomatoes, sweet peppers and aubergines growing in pots or planters will still need watering regularly and feeding each week to encourage quick ripening and maximum flavour. To encourage maximum sunshine onto the fruits it is well worth removing a few of the lower leaves that are shading the ripening fruit.

There is still time to sow baby salad leaves in window boxes in Compost or on the windowsill in a decorative Herb Planter.

Wrap grease bands around the stems of fruit trees to catch the grubs of the climbing winter moth.

Garden Diary is written by John Draper of Greener Gardens, your local independent BASIS Lawn Assured lawncare specialist and Vice Chairman of the UK Lawncare Association.


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