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This Months Garden Diary

While December is a nostalgic month looking back at the successes and failures of last year, January is a forward-looking month when we can dream about what could be possible in the future. Luckily there are new varieties of flowers, fruit and vegetables to grow and new garden care products to try that are going to make our gardening easier and more exciting.

Beds and Borders . . .
With everything in front of us, gardeners can be positive in their own minds about the colour and fragrance to be enjoyed in their flower garden this summer. Just one glance at the multi-coloured display of seed packets in a garden centre can get the pulses racing. Or you may prefer to spend dark evenings studying seed and plant catalogues to find out what can be ordered for later delivery as tiny plants for you to grow to maturity.

Certainly growing plants from seed is an ever-dwindling pursuit. For most people they finish up with too many plants and not enough space to grow them to planting out time. Instead most of us prefer to buy small seedling plants from specialist growers.

Most gardeners can’t resist the fabulous colours and gorgeous scent of sweet peas. ‘Prima Ballerina’ is a favourite that produces beautiful blooms in a blend of soft pink, mauve and cream, the unique colouring is coupled with intricate veining and a delightful scent too. Each stem produces an average of four blooms, making ‘Prima Ballerina’ a perfect choice for cutting adding fragrance and decoration to a room indoors.

Patio Tubs & Baskets…
Most bedding plants are ideal for growing in patio containers, but it is sometimes difficult to know what goes together to make a striking, but harmonious grouping. To make the selection easier some seed companies sell a collection of different seeds that go well together. Suttons Patio Flowers Collection contains five separate varieties in individual packets: Ageratum Blue Mink - attractive plants producing large heads of lavender blue flowers June-September; Cineraria maritima - attractive plants with glowing silver foliage; Impatiens (Busy Lizzie) Mix - bushy plants with a host of flower colours; Lobelia Sapphire - Deep blue trailing flowers with white eye, flowers June-September; Tagetes Lemon Gem - bushy plants which become covered in small, lemon yellow flowers June-September.

Despite the lower soil temperatures , grass still grows albeit much slower, giving the lawn a light topping during the winter months will keep it looking neat.

It is important to collect any dead leaves that fall on the lawn. If they are left, they can weaken the grass leading to bare patches and the spread of pests and disease. Rake up or blow the leaves into heaps ready for composting.

How will you be using your lawn in 2018? It could be a play area or show lawn, that not only looks great, but acts as an interesting foil to colour flower borders. Greener Gardens can help you during the changing seasons using professional products applied correctly that are safe for Children and Pets.

If you would like help on improving your lawn in 2018, call Greener Gardens and we can provide a Free lawn Health check and quotation to get your lawn in tip top condition.

Keep off the grass while it is frosty or your footprints will be marked in the grass for several weeks.

Don’t forget to get the mower in for service early, and ensure to check that the blades are sharp.

Grow your Own…
Tomatoes are a standard crop for most gardeners and few patios are complete without a couple of Giant Tomorite Planters positioned in the sunniest spot to encourage a good crop and early ripening, plant breeders do their best to give us home-growers tasty tomatoes. Sungold is a tried and trusted performer that has been grown for many years for its flavour, although the skins do split very easily. Thompson & Morgan produce “Lossetto” a red cherry type that is a cascading bush variety that has built-in blight resistance and a very good flavour producing many tomatoes.

If you would like help with any lawn or hard surface projects, don’t hesitate to call Greener Gardens on 0115 837 8439. We would be delighted to provide a no obligation quotation.


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